'Kingdom Hearts 3' News Update: More New Enemy Types To Make An Appearance?; Game DIrector Tetsuya Nomura Answers Fan Questions

Fans are anticipating for the release of "Kingdom Hearts III" for many years now yet, during a question and answer panel with the director of Kingdom Hearts III itself, there is still no specific release date of when the game will drop. For now, the game developers has released a teaser trailer of "Kingdom Hearts III" and of "Kingdom Hearts 2.8."

Game director Tetsuya Nomura was kind enough to answer the questions of numerous fans about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III during a forum conducted by the game developers. A great amount of the questions pertained more on the Nobody's that are seemingly one of the highlights in the teaser trailer.

One fan bravely asked Nomura on the new design of the Nobody in the trailer, which showed the Nobody with a scythe and flower petals. The fan curiously asked Nomura entailing that Nobody could have been a former Organization member.

Nomura answered the question the best way he could possibly can without giving any more information needed by saying that it is easy to imagine, but immediately reverted to telling the fan to wait for the promotional materials, which will soon launch.

Another curious fan asked Nomura whether the return of the Nobody and the Heartless in Kingdom Heart III allude to the fact that these enemies play a major role in the newest gameplay and that whether there will be more enemies that will make an appearance.

"I want to make it so that you can tell who had come to that world by the enemies that appear there," Nomura said. "I am thinking of the enemy types as a part of the total production this time." The latter statement of Nomura suggests that their might be more enemy types in "Kingdom Hearts III."

As for the release date of the game, it is yet to be announced and fans will just have to settle for the trailer of "Kingdom Hearts III" for now.

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