'Fast and Furious 8' Cast & Release Date: Film To Feature Paul Walker; John Statham Reprised His Role; Darker Plot For F&F 8?

The "Fast and Furious" movie franchise has been a blockbuster hit ever since the very first installment of it came out many years ago. Ever since then, "Fast and Furious" has grown to be one of the most successful series of movies in movie history.

The most-recent installment "Fast and Furious 7" came out two years ago, which became a hit and a dedication to one of the cast member Paul Walker who passed away in a car crash before the film's production came to an end.

Through computer-generated image of Walker who plays Brian O'Connor in the franchise, "Fast & Furious 7" was still finished and became a mega-blockbuster hit. Despite one of the major cast member passing away, the other cast members will reprise their roles in the upcoming "Fast & Furious 8," which they said is what Walker would have wanted.

In the rumor mill, it is said that Walker's character O'Connor might make an appearance in "Fast & Furious 8" through computer-generated imaging. According to the production team, they are still in the talks but they will not close on the possibility of having Walker's character return for a cameo.

Another major star who will reprise his role in "Fast & Furious 8" is Jason Statham who played the character Deckard Shaw, which was the main antagonist in "Fast & Furious 7." Helen Mirren is also confirmed to play a character in the latest installment of "Fast & Furious," even voicing out how she always wanted to play a "mad driver" in the "Fast & Furious" Movies.

Speculations of spin-off from the movie are being eluded by numerous fans but as of now the production team and Universal Studio's is concentrating on creating the "Fast & Furious 8" and probably many more installments. However, they haven't closed the book on expanding the franchise.

The latest movie will also have a darker plot to it with a new director on hand it might be different from the previous movies. There has been no confirmed release date for the movie. 

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