'NCIS' Season 13 Spoilers: Cast Michael Weatherly, David McCallum Confirmed Leaving CBS Drama Series

By Sophia, Parent Herald January 07, 06:23 am

After much speculation, CBS confirmed that Michael Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, will be leaving “NCIS” at the end of season 13. Co-star David McCallum also hinted about retiring after season 14.

In a press release issued by the network via TV Line, it was revealed that, after 13 years of being part of the procedural drama, Weatherly has decided to move on and pursue other projects. CBS thanked the actor for his contribution to the series, adding that he was pivotal in making "NCIS" the no.1 drama in the world.

In response, Weatherly took to Twitter to thank the fans who have supported the series throughout the years. He also thanked the cast and crew, which served as his family for 13 years.

"DiNozzo is a wonderful, quixotic character & I couldn't have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons," he tweeted.

Early this week, McCallum, who plays Ducky in the series, shared that the cast knew about Weatherly's decision to leave the series for quite a while. Speaking to Vulture Hound, he explained that the writers may have to shift the storyline once DiNozzo leaves. Given that he is one of the original cast members, his decision definitely shook the show's dynamics.

McCallum admitted that he is already thinking of retirement. He explained that he may have to leave the show after another season due to health reasons. He, however, added that he will continue playing Ducky for as long as he can.

"I will go on doing Ducky for at least another year I believe, provided my health holds up. Things aren't quite as easy at eighty two as they were at twenty eight! So I will go on as long as I can," McCallum shared.

"NCIS" season 13 episode 13 "Deja Vu" premieres January 19 on CBS.

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