Shailene Woodley's Alleged Boyfriend is Reportedly Happy That She is Done Working With Theo James

Theo James and Shailene Woodley have noticeably gotten closer ever since they began filming for the movies in the "Divergent" series. There are even news outlets claiming that they were in a relationship, but these were seemingly quelled, much to the relief of Woodley's alleged boyfriend Nahko Bear.

James once joked about Woodley's rack when he was talking about how the latter has grown since they first started working together. "[Shailene] has changed a lot, in a good way. When I very first met her, I was kind of a newbie," James when he answered the question seriously sai. "dShe had just come from doing "Spectacular Now." I feel like she has really grown into a woman since then, and it's not actually that long of a period of time. It's a couple of years, even less." 

This was also around the time when it was confirmed that they were going to have their first sex scene in the "Insurgent" movie. Although it was only a joke, fans were quick to speculate that there was something going on behind the cameras between the two actors. Although she has now made it to the big time, Woodley has been quite secretive of her personal life, including her relationships. 

Since they are done filming with each other, James and Woodley are now set to part ways. However, the Inquisitr says that they will miss one another. A person who would reportedly be happy that the two will part ways, however, is musician Nahko Bear.

The part Puerto Rican, part Apache, and part Filipino musician has been linked with Woodley since November of last year. According to Jezebel, he "seems to fit the bill when it comes to Woodley's carefree, love-for-all approach to life." There is much speculation that they are together because they share the most of the same interests and hobbies.


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