MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs & Update: Skylake-based 13-in Retina Apple Laptop, Leaked Benchmark Suggests

By Nica Virtudazo, Parent Herald January 19, 08:55 am

Several fans of MacBook Pro are now waiting for its release. Despite that the fact that details remained scarce up to now, several leak reports have been spreading like wildfire. Now, new the latest update about the powerful laptop has been revealed!

Mac World reported that the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro will house a Broadwell type of Inter processor while the larger version will have the older Haswell Intel processor.

"We say inexplicably, but part of that blame must lie at the feet of Intel, who was particularly lax at updating its chips in 2015. It seems likely that the MacBook Pro range will finally get the Skylake chips at some point in the first part of 2016," Karen Haslam wrote in the Mac World report. "That will make a lot of professional Mac users very happy. We hope to hear more at the rumoured March event but it may take until WWDC in June before we hear anything."

Geekbench uploaded a benchmark result which supported the claims that the new laptops in the market already used the latest Skylake Intel processors. Aside from having an Intel Iris Graphics 550 graphics, the tech news outlet claimed that the machine is already running the unreleased 3.3 GHz Intel Core i7-657U processor, suggesting that the laptop could be a high-end 13-inch model.

With this news, fans are looking forward to seeing an improved processor in the forthcoming MacBook Pro. However, up to this writing, Apple has yet to confirm these reports.

Meanwhile, MNR Daily reported that Apple will upgrade MacBook Pro with Skyflake processor in the early months of 2016. The news media outlet also suggested that it is very much impossible for the American tech giant to delay the release of MacBook Pro without the new and much-improved processor.

Parent Herald previously reported that Apple is set to release a thinner, sleeker and lighter MacBook Pro this year. Some features users should watch out for include Touch ID feature within its trackpad, new biometric scan for online payment transactions and better battery life.

As for its release date, Apple remained tightlipped about it. However, it is possible that MacBook Pro will be launched this September 2016 together with MacBook Air 2016, iPhone 6c, iPad 3 and Apple Watch 2.

What can you say about these new MacBook Pro 2016 updates? Share to us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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