'Frozen 2' Release Date, Cast, Plot & Update: Things You Need To Know About Elsa, Anna & Olaf

With the success of Disney's 2013 film "Frozen," it comes to no surprise that it is slated to release its sequel to continue the story of Elsa and Anna's love for each other. Several fans have been feeling so excited when it was first announced that "Frozen 2" is happening.

With all the pressure and high expectations fans are giving Disney, it is reported that the film outfit has something special for "Frozen" followers. We gathered the things that fans should expect in the upcoming "Frozen 2" film.

Anna's Superpower

Recent reports claimed that Elsa's sister will discover her own superpowers in the "Frozen" sequel. Crossmap reported that it is not impossible for Anna to have her own special powers.

"The theory of Princess Anna's super powers; since Anna and Elsa are sisters, it is not impossible for Anna to have super powers as well, some theories are saying that since Elsa's powers is winter, the power of Anna will be summer or fall," the entertainment news outlet said.

With this, some reports suggested that Anna could have an opposing superpowers to Elsa's ice. Many fans believe that Anna possesses the power of fire that could cause another conflict between them.

Olaf Will Fall In Love

Another report making rounds lately is Olaf getting his own love interest in "Frozen 2." While it is still unconfirmed this time, fans are hopeful to see the endearing snowman having his own love life.

Elsa Will Have A New Enemy

After fighting her fears in controlling her own power, Elsa is reported to have a new adversary in the upcoming "Frozen" sequel. It is predicted that a female villain in Arendelle. Moreover, the predicted antihero is expected to have her own power of her own that could challenging the power of Elsa.

However, up to now, Disney has yet to release an official statement regarding these theories. Fans have to wait for it!

Meanwhile, "Frozen" director Chris Buck revealed that they already have an idea as to where they would take the story of "Frozen 2." Though he admitted there are still a lot of things they would have to figure out, he said that knowing where they are going is much more important now than anything else.

What can you say about these new reports on the characters of Elsa, Anna and Olaf? Share to us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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