How To Protect Pets From Blizzard?

Saint Francis Veterinary Center in Gloucester County and the Penn Vet Ryan Animal Hospital are both reminding all pet owners to be prepared of the blizzard -- keeping everybody safe, including their pets. They are urging all of the families who have pets to take extra precautions for their little friends.

And to ensure all of the animals' safety, Managing Director Mike DeBerardinis warned the residents in Philadelphia that people who will leave pets outside the house will be summoned and could face fine not less than $500. More so, these vets also gave some important tips to protect pets from the impending snowstorm:

Keep your dogs on a leash.

Animal experts said dogs can easily lose their scent during snowstorm. In fact, they said a lot of dogs got lost during the winter than any other season. Thus, they are encouraging all pet owners to put a leash on their loyal friends or put an ID tags around their neck.

Keep their paws clean.

Dogs can possibly ingest any potentially dangerous chemicals such as salt and antifreeze while licking their paws. So, to avoid any risk, always wipe off their legs after strolling outside.

Don't' shave your dogs.

Their fur serves as their protection from cold -- keeping them warm. Hence, it is also important not to shave them to keep them protected from the harsh cold during the winter season.

Protect your pets from your car.

Cats love to sleep under the hoods of cars during cold season and consequently they get injuries after owners advertently starts the engine. So, always keep in mind before you start your car, bang your car loudly to give these creatures time to escape.

In addition, never leave your animals inside the car. During the winter season, cars apparently become a very cold place to stay and it can eventually freeze animals to death.

According to ABC action news, St. Francis Vet Center is also reminding everyone that the animal clinic will be in full operation during the storm to help pet owners.

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