Prince William and Kate Middleton Having Marital Problem; Issue Of A Third Child Maybe The Cause

News about the royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William having a third child has been spreading around the Internet saying that the latter can't wait for a new baby, but the former does not agree with that idea.

Although there were stories about the Duchess of Cambridge being excited to have a new baby and there are even news about her being pregnant already, no confirmation has come out yet from the couple or the royal courts about it being true.

In a report posted by the Latin Post, the Prince had a conversation with his wife telling her how he feels about having a new child, but unfortunately, it is not something that Middleton was happy about, which is contrary to what is spreading around the web.

The publication's inside source said that the two are currently going through some marital drama and it is because of their issue with their different opinion about having another child. They even said that the couple's problem these days is getting more intense due to this subject.

Based on the post of Movie News Guide, Middleton has a good reason why she thinks it is not a good time to have a third child. There are different sources saying that she is contented with having two kids and is no longer willing to have another baby as of the moment.

The Inquisitr said that there is a possibility of the reports being true since her last two pregnancies made the press quite crazy as they want to get all the details of what she was going through. This, however, made the Duchess uncomfortable.

Although the press has not yet verified all these pregnancy rumors, the media still keeps pounding Kate's door for more information. It came to a point that the couple even had to make a statement demanding to give their family the privacy that they need.

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