Malin Akerman Finds The 'Bright Side' In Divorce And Single Motherhood: 'I Think Everything Happens For A Reason'

Actress Malin Akerman is not ashamed to be out in public as a single parent and a divorcee. Her being a strong, independent and optimistic person could really make most mothers out there learn something worthy from her and her experiences as well. 

The 37-year-old actress told People Magazine that her optimism is something that she owes to her father. "You put my dad in a pile of [cr*p] and he will find the positive in it. I get that from him," she said as she was opening up herself in an interview. "I think everything happens for a reason. You just figure out why and you find the silver lining," she added.

In an article published by The Inquisitr, they featured how Akerman is holding up from her divorce with her ex-husband Roberto Zincone. She said that it was jarring at first and it definitely took time before she was able to move passed her emotions. But despite all the gloomy stages of her life, she knows that there is still a bright side from all of it.

Akernman even gave some relationship tips saying that when it comes to this matter, there comes a time that two people could no longer grow with each other anymore and that is okay. She found a bright side from her divorce and that is the fact that she could now focus on her son.

"I roll with the punches. And ultimately, it's like, 'Where is the opportunity in this?' And that's been a nice way to look at it. Like, oh my God, I get to have so much special time with my son now," Akerman shared.

Parenting is one of the things that she loves doing these days. She always has her son Sebastian around even when she is working out of town. They both travel a lot and it is also something that her son enjoys. "He loves airplane," the actress continued. "And he's been on sets since he was 3 months old. He's been socialized from the get go!"

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