E-Cigarette News: 2016 SAG Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Uses E-Cigarette During Ceremony Amidst Recent Findings Linking Vaping and Superbugs

By Z.M., Parent Herald February 02, 01:15 am

E-cigarettes, which were initially seen as the smoker's salvation from addiction to cigarette and smoking, has been suffering from a slew of negative publicity. SAG awardee Leonardo DiCaprio, however, may have unwittingly upped the cool factor of e-cigarettes.

DiCaprio, who won the award for "Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role" for "The Revenant" at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, was seen with an e-cigarette on hand and vaping during the event.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this year's award is DiCaprio's first win from the SAG. While his victory for "The Reventant" was well-deserved being what DiCaprio says is the most difficult film he has had to make, the fact that DiCaprio had an e-cigarette with him at the SAG gala overshadowed the glory.

E! News took to humor and defined DiCaprio's "relationship" with his e-cigarette. "Tonight at the SAG Awards, he brought his real best friend," E! News wrote. "His faithful soldier, his right-hand man, his chum that supports him through thick and thin. His vape pen." It went on to say that this was DiCaprio refusing to be dictated by social norms.

Entertainment Tonight pointed out that this was a special privilege that is not enjoyed by all. "Only Leo could pull off vaping at a major awards show."

 Leonardo DiCaprio is backstage with the first Actor of his career. #sagawards

A photo posted by SAG Awards (@sagawards) on Jan 30, 2016 at 7:02pm PST


Elsewhere, many unhappy news have been cropping up over e-cigarettes. The Daily Mail reported that researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute recently found that fruity flavored e-cigarettes have benazaldehyde, with the chemical more abundant in cherry-flavored e-cigarettes. These scientists say that the elevated chemical presence causes irritation to the air passage and is harmful to health.

The Mirror, on the other hand, reported that a recent study that was published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine found that e-cigarette smoking makes the immune system weak and the body vulnerable to infection and contamination by superbugs.

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