Recommended Levels of Sugar May be Harmful Even to Mice

By Camille H, Parent Herald August 15, 11:59 am

Studies have shown that recommended levels of sugar are harmful to mice, a source told CBS News.

Researchers of the study discovered that mice experience toxicity and die more quickly when they consume 25% of added sugar - or a total of three cans of soda allowed for healthy humans.

Female mice died at twice their normal rates while male mice were less likely to reproduce if they consume the same percentage of added sugar, CBS News finds.

Wayne Potts, senior author of the study and a biology professor at the University of Utah told CBS News that this demonstrates adverse effects of sugars that are also relevant or applicable to humans.

In a press release, she said that she herself has already reduced her intake of refined sugars and has encouraged her entire family to do the same thing.

CBS News reported that the American Heart Association recommends that people restrict their daily intake of added sugars - sugars that are not already present in the foods they eat on a regular basis.

Women are only allowed 100 calories of sugar per day or a maximum of six tablespoons of sugar. Men are allowed 150 calories of sugar per day or a maximum of eight to nine tablespoons of sugar, a spokesperson from the AHS told CBS News.

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