World Cancer Day 2016: With A New Hope For Cure

By Joliza Magdaong, Parent Herald February 05, 05:11 am

Cancer patients all over the world will be celebrating a hope for a cure this year with President Obama's proposal for further research to come up with a remedy.With its theme "We Can, I can" as the main theme.

February 4, 2016, is a day to campaign new information with regards to what's new in the cancer therapies, reported IBTTo honor brave cancer survivors and those who are currently fighting, the White House announced to build a research team to conduct a study to finally come up with a less amount of mortality rate, as the statistical data of death every year is increasing.

With this hope, the US government is dedicated to helping cancer diagnosed patients to be an optimist through scientific studies. It aims to attain a high medical ambition to promote a quality of life in living while bearing the disease.

The team recommends having a regular check-up for early detection as a means of preventing and spreading of cancer cells, according to Care2. With early detection, a decline of 23 percent in the death rate has been reported. Further studies confirmed that none and less toxic individualize therapy such as family support adds to the positivity of the condition that creates an emotional stability.

Another possibility to cure one of the deadliest diseases is through what they call as "Mathematical Oncology." The said treatment helps in calculating the growth of a tumor that lessens growth rates. Still this is one of the methods of early detection that prevent further adverse health effect.

The use of high imagery called as "Super-Resolution Microscopy" is also a good option for early recognition of unhealthy cells. This method of therapy gives a clearer understanding of tumor marker such as protein.

And last on the list is what they call as Nanotechnology, which aims to deliver a direct therapy to the affected part through chemotherapy and radiation.

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