Excessive Coffee Intake Results in Earlier Death

By Camille H, Parent Herald August 18, 01:21 am

Heavy coffee drinking linked to increased death risks among people 55 years and below, a source told Xinhua News.

According to the study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, there was a 21% increase in mortality among people who consumed more than 28 cups of coffee a week or four cups of coffee daily.

The risk of death based on various age groups showed 50% increase for both men and women who were younger than 55.

However, the study published in the same journal concluded that there were no reported risks or adverse effects for those who are over 55 years of age.

The researchers from the University of South Carolina examined the coffee drinking habits of 43,000 individuals from 20 and 87 years old between the years 1971 to 2002, a source told Xinhua News.

From 1971 to 2002 there have been a reported 2,500 death cases among the participants.

The results of the study showed that younger men had a trend towards high mortality even when few cups of coffee are consumed.

Younger women who consumed 28 cups per week doubled their risk of dying compared to those who did not drink coffee.

Xuemei Sui, co-author of the study from the University of South Carolina in Columbia told Xinhua News that warned those who drink coffee excessively saying that there should always be some caution.

According to Xinhua News, coffee has always been a contributing factor to various chronic health conditions.

Sui told Xinhua News that it is best to consume one to two cups of coffee per day because moderation is key.

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