Experimental Anti-Amoeba Drug Showed No Signs of Activity from Parasite - UPDATE

By Camille H, Parent Herald August 23, 02:48 pm

A series of tests done 12-year old Zachary Reyna showed no signs of activity from the 'brain-eating' parasite he contacted this month, according to CNN.

Zachary's doctors gave him the same experimental anti-amoeba drug used to treat 12-year old Kali Hardig in Arkansas - the third person in 50 years to have survived the deadly parasite.

Zachary's father wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to his son that extensive damage has been done to his son's brain.

"This is a small victory but we know the battle is not over. I feel like Zach is in a slump... All ball players go through them. We all do. As his Dad and Coach I do all I can to help him get out of it by giving him extra training and making adjustments to his swing. We all go through tough times and we need to find God and prayer to get through these slumps of life," he wrote on the Facebook page.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the experimental drug will be made available to physicians who might wish to consult it.

The drug was originally created as treatment for breast cancer but has also been found effective against free-living amoeba infections.

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