'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Tetsuya Nomura Has Not Discussed Ending Franchise With 'KH 3'

The highly-acclaimed game "Kingdom Hearts" has plans to reveal their 3rd installment of the video game -- most likely this year. Fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" are very excited to be able to play the video game again.

However, there have also been many rumors that the 3rd installment, "Kingdom Hearts 3," will be the last "Kingdom Heart" game and it could be so since there have been talks that the game developers are not getting along well with Disney nowadays.

"The discussion of the end of Kingdom Hearts has never come up between me and Disney, so I don't know what their intentions are. However, while creating Kingdom Hearts, with each generation, I think to myself 'This should be something that can't be accomplished by just Disney," Tetsuya Nomura, creator of "Kingdom Hearts," said in an interview with NoeGamer.

Nomura believes that the new generation of "Kingdom Hearts" after "Kingdom Heart 3" should be uniquely "Kingdom Hearts." However, he has his doubt after all Nomura is unsure whether the fans will still enjoy playing "Kingdom Hearts" if it were not collaboration between his game company, Square Enix and Disney.

Nomura agrees that the game would not be as successful or would be what it is today if it was solely a project of Disney or Square Enix.

There has yet to be a confirmed date for the release of "Kingdom Hearts 3." However, fans are speculating that it will be later this year and if not then Square Enix will be providing more content and enriching the story line. "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released on Microsoft's Xbox one and Sony's PlayStation 4 very soon.

As of now, Square Enix is also busy with the impending release of their other video game "Final Fantasy" so it is highly likely that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released late this year or next year. 

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