A 50-Year-Old Grandma Revealed Her Secrets In Staying Youthful

Qin Ling, a 50-year-old grandmother in Chong Qing, China revealed her secrets in staying young and beautiful. She said that her beauty regimens are all simple and cheap.

Daily Mail reported that Ling has been massaging her face with face masks and sleeping naked once a week. She said that these are one of her few secrets in staying young.

"I pat my face down daily and sleep naked once a week," Ling said. "Also, I make a cucumber, yogurt; honey and pearl powder mask which is effective."

Reports also claimed that Ling stayed single after her divorce. Qin Ling's beauty has gone viral after her daughters set up a photoshoot for her 50th birthday last August. A lot of people were in awe of her youth and were shocked after finding out her true age.

She also said that she didn't have that enough money to buy expensive beauty regimens in maintaining her youth because she's a single mom yet she managed to stick with simple routines. She said that these routines worked for her and everyone should at least try it.

Qin Ling shared that there were few admirers that follow her and willing to pay for her beauty regimens. She said that she turned down these advances because it is embarrassing to her daughters and she respects them.

She said that her admirers' age gaps were about twenty years or more. She also said that she refers settling down with an older man someday.

Qin Ling is bound to appear in a reality TV show in China called Mamma Mia with her two daughters.

There are a lot of age-defying beauty products that are on sale at different department stores today but sticking to organic and natural regimens might do the trick. What are your secrets in staying young and beautiful? Hit the comment section below!

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