A Baby Spa in London Can Help Moms Calm Their Newborns

By Cheddar Quejada, Parent Herald February 15, 10:26 am

A baby spa in London offers an adorable service where you can place your baby in a hydrotherapy pool. This service has been creating a buzz in the said city.

According to the Mirror, the management of the spa said that the baby will wear a floatation device on their necks while swimming in a neonatal pod. This device, also known as Bubby was created and founded by Laura Severus together with her husband. It helps babies to observe their surroundings without carrying them or laying them on the floor.

"When a baby is first born they feel that they're just a 'blob', they don't know they've got a left, right, back or front." The management of the spa said. "We're constantly holding them or they're lying on their back - there's constantly something touching them.

A blog also said that Chelsea White, one of the satisfied customers, said that her baby didn't feel any discomfort during the session at all. She said that her baby was calm the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

"He was concentrating and adjusting to the environment, the staff said all the babies do this. Then he started moving, kicking his legs and splashing with his arms and looked like he was really enjoying himself." White said.

Some people thought that the floatation device might cause a discomfort to the baby because it looks like its choking the baby but it's not. White said that the device doesn't even touch her baby's neck; just the back and the cheeks.

"The ring is not touching his neck at all, only at the back, and his cheeks and chin rest on the ring. It took seconds to put on and he was in no discomfort whatsoever during any of the experience, I can't wait for him to go back as I know he will love it again." White said.

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