Know The Importance Of Letting Your Children Speak Their Mind

By Abbie Uychiat, Parent Herald February 16, 04:20 am

Raising an outspoken child does have a few setbacks, but it can actually be something good. Letting children speak their minds does not only give them independence, but it also gives them the freedom to share their views and what they feel.

Having an outspoken child makes them a stronger individual that develops a will-power to get what they want. Though they have the edge by being assertive, it is important however to teach them manners and the proper way to push for their wants.

"Language permits its users to pay attention to things, persons and events, even when the things and persons are absent and the events are not taking place," Aldous Huxley stated. "Language gives definition to our memories and, by translating experiences into symbols, converts the immediacy of craving or abhorrence, or hatred or love, into fixed principles of feeling and conduct."

There are several ways to raise an outspoken, confident and assertive child, but with a kind, humble heart.

Start at home

There's a huge tendency that you child would mirror the traits that you exhibit at home. By being assertive and voicing out what you want, your child would end up looking up to you as a role model. Don't expect your child to be assertive if you're not showing him/her how it's done.

Stay Grounded

Though you may get what you want by being assertive, make sure that you're doing it the right way. Do not force your way through it. Set an example to your child, though you'd stand up for what you want, make sure that what you're fighting for is right. Stay grounded and firm, but do it with respect.

Encourage Assertiveness

Encourage the child to speak up and make sure to acknowledge them when they do so. Don't laugh or make fun of your child when they'd voice their opinions even if it sound ridiculous or doesn't make any sense. Make sure to correct them when their using their assertiveness in a wrong way.

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