Frequent Urination At Night And Other Silent Symptoms Of Diabetes

By Mark Oliver Rondobio, Parent Herald February 18, 04:53 am

Diabetes is a common disease worldwide that affects millions of people. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. The very common type of diabetes is Type 2, which takes 90 percent of all diabetes cases.

According to BD, Type 2 diabetes is very common among people ages 40 and above. This type of diabetes doesn't show any alarming symptoms, but can lead to serious health complications

Type 1 diabetes is a more serious type, where in your pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that keeps the blood sugar in the normal levels. Type 1 diabetes can lead to deadly diseases like kidney failure and stroke.

Here are symptoms of diabetes that are not usually noticed until it reaches the serious stage.

Urinating often

If you have diabetes, there will be excess sugar in your blood and the normal response of your body is to flush it out by urinating. If you urinate more than usual even at night to the point that it already disturbs your sleep, then it's possible you have diabetes.

Excessive thirst

As posted by Timesulin, the very earliest symptom of diabetes to develop is polydipsia. The mouth usually becomes dry and you often drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

Feel hungry even if you just eaten something

If you eat foods containing carbs and sugar, your body releases an ample amount of insulin which neutralizes the glucose level in your body fast. If you have a high blood sugar level, you tend to crave and eat more.

Losing weight

This can be the result of excessive urination. You lose too much water in your body. Your body won't function normally if you have too much sugar in your blood. Your body can't absorb the calories well from the food that you eat.

You always feel tired

In an article from WebMD, fatigue is one of the most common diabetes symptoms according to doctors. If you have diabetes, your body is inefficient in breaking down food to sugar and your system can't produce enough energy that your body needs.  

Blurry vision

This may not be common symptom but according to Global Diabetes Community, a high sugar level causes the eye lens to swell resulting to a blurred vision.

Wounds slowly heal

Immune system is not functioning well if your body has high blood sugar levels. Your skin cuts or wounds won't heal quickly.

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