Pet Food Maker Blue Buffalo Owes Buyers After Settlement On Case Of Mislabeling And False Advertising

Dog food maker Blue Buffalo owes its customers millions in refunds after it reached a settlement for mislabeling their products. The producer of pet food claimed that they offered products which do not have poultry byproducts, but tests revealed otherwise. noted that the company agreed to a $32-million settlement for charges of false advertising and mislabeling. A group of consumers reportedly filed a legal action versus Blue Buffalo after laboratory tests revealed that their products had corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors, contrary to what the dog food maker claims.

According to the same report, the company did not own up to its mistake, but ended blaming the supplier. It claimed that it has started running after the supplier, but noted that it settled the case to avoid spending more on legal costs. 

In a company statement quoted by WSB TV, Blue Buffalo said it already informed customers about the lapses of their supplier of ingredients and a broker for the company. "All of us at Blue Buffalo continue to work tirelessly to make pet food with the finest natural ingredients for our furry family members," said company founder and chairman Bill Bishop.

For buyers wanting to get their refund, WSB TV said they can simply log on to the company's official website at If they still have the receipts with them, customers can get as much as a 10 percent refund while those who do not have will be given $10.

11Alive added that people who are eligible for the refund are those who bought products in the United States during the period from May 7, 2008 to Dec. 18, 2015.

It also explained that claimants may submit their refund forms on or before April 14 with hearings scheduled on May 19. "I was trying to give my dog what would keep her healthy. Now it's just like any other dog food," Blue Buffalo loyal customer Ryan Smith told WSB TV.

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