Doctors Reveal Teething Is Not The Cause Of Fever In Babies

By Nens Bolilan, Parent Herald February 21, 06:35 am

The commonly accepted conclusion that growing teeth causes fever among babies has been recently debunked by a medical study. The professional finding suggests that fevers may be caused by factors other than teething.

TechTimes reported fever is a symptom that should not be directly linked to teething in babies noting that the underlying reason should be properly identified. It noted that conclusions on growing baby teeth may set aside potential illness causing the fever.

It was also noted that the sprouting of teeth among babies are expected to cause drooling and swollen gums but fever is a different topic.

"If a child has a really high fever, or is in significant discomfort, or won't eat or drink anything for days, that's a red flag for concern," explained American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's Pediatric Oral Health and Research and Policy Center director Dr. Paul Casamassimo in a CNN report. Their study also found out the symptoms related to teething will last for three to five days only.

He also claimed that the discomforts felt by babies are also not chronic and can be solved by proper care measures of the parents. "They come and go, and the job of the parent is to comfort the child, and keep their finger on the pulse of their child. Is the child eating? Staying hydrated?" Casamassimo added.

Aside from these inconveniences, the researchers also revealed that a kid's body temperature may also be below 101 degrees Fahrenheit but not above that. They noted that children may also experience rashes, sleeping problems and lack of appetite.

Many have accepted fever as a part of teething in young kids because it has been a fact passed on from various generations. CNN claimed that there were even cases when parents even blamed teething for the death of their kids.

But it further explained that through the years breakthroughs in research and medicine, teething has been cleared as the primary reason for the deaths of young kids. It was also simply considered an "annoyance" rather than a disease.

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