Bill Cosby Scandal Update: ‘Ghost Dad’ Star Sues Accuser Andrea Constand

By Jaja Agpalo, Parent Herald February 22, 12:00 am

Bill Cosby was plagued with several criticisms after a number of women came forward to reveal that they have been assaulted sexually by the popular comedian. Now, new reports claimed that one of the "Ghost Dad" actor's accuser is now being sued for reportedly violating a civil settlement.

Inquistr reported that the case of Andrea Constand, the woman who accused Cosby of sexual assault back to his home in Philadelphia in 2004, has been reopened last week based on new evidence. "Constand's case was allegedly re-opened on Wednesday based on new evidence," the news media outfit reported. "However, the settlement previously made between Constand and Cosby 'expressly prohibited' any further cooperation regarding the case."

Recent reports confirmed that the case against Cosby has been reopened after approximately 50 women stepped forward with the same accusations. However, most of the accusers were not able to press charges against the comedian due to the ruling of restrictions being expired.

As per the Inquistr report, Cosby is also suing the American Media Inc. and Andrea's mother. As to what is the cause, no details have been made public yet.  Moreover, Atty. Dolores Troiani, one of Andrea's lawyers, was reportedly violating the agreement by giving her case files to the district attorney.

To recall, Cosby was freed last December after posting a $1 million bail. "The Cosby Show" star turned over his passport to the authorities and a preliminary hearing has been set for Jan. 14, 2016.

The Costand-Cosby case was originally rejected in 2005 but was reopened after a damaging claim was opened in a related civil suit, which involved several other women who had accused Cosby of sexual misconduct.

International Design Times previously reported that it was Atty. Kevin Steele who was positioned to file the first criminal charge of sex assault against Cosby. However, experts stated that the action would possibly come easier than it did one decade ago. "In some ways this case had gotten stronger in the last 10 years," Att. Matthew Galluzzo said.

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