Get A Glimpe Of McDonald's South Korea Latest Addition To Their Menu, Beer

Beer drinkers will be thrilled upon knowing that one of the biggest fast food chains will soon make their beloved alcoholic drink part of the menu. According to reports released in the 2nd week of February, McDonald's will be including beer as part of their daily menu.

The news may sound enticing, but McDonald's beer menu will only be available within Asia. As per Kicker Daily's report, the beer and burger menu will first hit South Korea, where in customer can wash down their cheeseburgers with a cold draft beer.

Fox News reported that the first branch to serve beer in South Korea is located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province which is a satellite city located in Seoul. As per the fast food giant, their beer products would become a major hit in terms of boosting their sales as they would expand and open stores in Gangnam and Sinchon.

"We develop our menu based on what our customers tell us they like and want from a visit to McDonald's," McDonald's official statement said according to Eater's report. This being said beer is one of the top selling beverage all throughout Korea.

The latest menu addition may sound overwhelming, but Korea is not the first country to have a beer in their McDonald's menu. The fast growing international fast food chain fist offered beer in Germany back in 1971. Aside from the Germans, however, the French branches decided to spice up their menu by adding wine. France McDonald's does not only offer beer, but they opted to offer wine as well. France made both alcoholic beverages available for dine-in and drive-thru customers.

McDonald's Seongnam started serving beer today, Jan. 22, 2016. In addition to the newly added menu's details, it will only be served with the restaurant's gourmet and customizable burgers. The customer will get to choose if he/she would order the burger with a soft drink, or a beer.

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