Top 4 Valuable Parenting Lessons From Great TV Shows

Who said that watching TV is a waste of time? Great TV shows are more than just pastime; they can even give you some tips and lessons if you just watch closely.

One of the most common lessons you could get from watching television is how you can be great parents and better halves. Sites like She Knows and All Parenting shared some of the parenting lessons from great TV shows.

1. Modern Family

This is a great TV show for parents as it shows diverse families and different parenting styles. This Emmy award-winning show also highlights how laughter can help parents get through a difficult day. Parents cannot avoid making mistakes and that is why knowing how to accept your flaws and learning to laugh at yourself can brighten up your mood and have a happy household.

2. Up All Night

This extremely funny TV show starring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph is another great show with valuable lessons on marriage. The series shows how being empathetic, patient and understanding can help couples make it through the difficult times.

3. Parenthood

The story of the Braverman family is usually very funny and heartwarming as well. The series shows the value of getting advices and listening to the opinions of others when facing parenting dilemmas. "And in the end, after your standard conflict has run its course and the story arc calls for resolution, they realize that they can't be prideful or stubborn if they truly want to better their situation and help their child, their marriage or all of the above," the site explained.

4. The Golden Girls

This classic TV show did not only make us laugh, but it also provided us with valuable parenting lessons. "Sophia showed us that a mother's work is literally never done and exemplified the somewhat critical -- but unconditionally loving -- mom," She Knows shared. "Dorothy gave us a snapshot of what happens when parents and kids reverse roles, and what it feels like to care for an aging parent the way they once cared for you."

Have you watched other TV shows that feature great parenting lessons? Let's include them on the list. Share them here as the team would love to hear from you!

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