'No Man's Sky' Release Date, News & Update: Video Game Possible To Sell At High Price; No Longer An Indie Title

The highly-anticipated science fiction game, "No Man's Sky," is almost coming. The game, which was announced last year by upcoming game company Hello Games, have been making a splash in the media; firstly, because of its original content; and secondly, because it comes from an unknown game developing company.

Despite it having rave anticipation from fans, some of the media networks doubt "No Man's Sky" nowadays. It seems like the long wait for the game to drop is too long already and that, according to reports, the hype is now going down.

But, just recently, in a previous report on Parent Herald, the team in Hello Games have been working 20 plus hours in coding "No Man's Sky" and even head developer and the brain behind "No Man's Sky" tweeted how much they have been working to get to the deadline. The Hello Games developers are doing their best to deliver only the best for the upcoming release of "No Man's Sky."

Fans right now are asking though, how much will it cost them to buy the "No Man's Sky" game and whether the price is valid enough for the game. If you think about it, "No Man's Sky" comes from a not-so-big game developing company, Hello Games, so it must be priced a little lower. However, rumors has it that "No Man's Sky" will be sold at $60, which is quite a large amount of money.

Sony, who will be the official distributor of "No Man's Sky," will probably list the game under the AAA video games; thus, the $60 price tag and it is probable that the investment in the video game will also be a very huge budget, making "No Man's Sky" a mainstream title, rather than an indie one.

Hello Games previously released other games including "Joe Danger" and "Joe Danger 2: The Movie." However, "No Man's Sky" is on a different level, so prepare for it to be quite pricey.

"No Man's Sky" will be released for PS4 and PC sometime on June this year. 

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