'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Launch Date Moved To 2019

Recently were released new rumors and details about "Grand Theft Auto 6". Several reports are analyzing the game's improved storyline, new maps, female character lead and confusing release date.

"GTA 6" release date is still uncertain. Some previous reports claim that the next installment of the "GTA" game franchise will be unveiled late 2017 or early 2018. New reports suggest that, in order to ensure full Virtual Reality support for the new game, the release target date would be sometime in 2019.

"Grand Theft Auto V" was a remarkable success in the gaming industry. In order to ensure further success with the "GTA" game franchise the developer company, Rockstar Games, is planning to make some drastic improvements to its next installment. According to rumors, one such change is adding a female protagonist to "GTA 6".

At one point, Rockstar co-founder and video game producer Dan Houser claimed that having a female lead doesn't feel right. However, it seems that now Houser suggested the possibility of introducing a female lead character in the future, according to Neuro Gadget. However, it is not clear if this drastic change will be implemented in "GTA 6", since the game producer did not directly mention that.

 It is said that Eva Mendez, the star from the "Ghost Rider", will lend her voice as the "GTA 6's" female protagonist. To further spice up the rumors, it is also said that "The Notebook" star and her real-life partner Ryan Gosling will voice as the main character.

Rockstar did not confirm yet an addition of a female protagonist to "GTA 6". However, since every "GTA" series features much more than what its previous installments, fans of the game franchise are expecting it to happen. In addition, rumors claim that instead of focusing on a single-person storyline, the upcoming "GTA 6" will introduce numerous characters and protagonists.

It is also rumored that the next installment will feature bigger maps and teleportation capabilities. According to N4BB, the teleportation feature is claimed to be similar to "Need for Speed" 2015 game.

According to some reports, the maps will feature the whole United States. Other reports claim that "GTA 6" will just bring together all the maps from the previous installments, such as Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City.

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