‘Longmire’ Season 5 Spoilers & Release Date: Show to Premiere in September? Vic and Walt Romance Happening?

"Longmire" Season 5 may still be a couple of months away from its return but fans are excited to hear that there are updates regarding the upcoming season of the Netflix series. When will Season 5 air on the online streaming service? Will Vic and Walt's romance finally happen?

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"Longmire" Season 5 spoilers hint that fans and viewers may see the return of the show this September. According to Christian Today, actor Lou Diamond Phillips revealed on Twitter that filming for the upcoming season is set to begin sometime in March.

"Thanks so much! We start filming Season 5 in about a month! #Longmire," he said.

The publication noted that a September release date for "Longmire" Season 5 seemed possible because it had the same pattern as production for Season 4. The cast started filming Season 4 in late March, which ended in late July and the show was then released on Netflix in September.

Fans were reportedly delighted to hear that the cast and crew of "Longmire" Season 5 will soon be back on set, as there were not much details and updates about the upcoming season. This also dismisses claims that the upcoming season of the show may be the show's series finale.

Meanwhile, Master Herald reported that "Longmire" fans are speculating that Vic and Walt's romance will finally blossom this season. According to the publication, Walt tried to start something with Vic in the past season, but he backed out after discovering that the latter will try to work things out with her husband.

Walt then pursued a relationship with Dr. Donna Monaghan, but fans believe that their romance will only be short-lived. Fans debate that in the books, Vic and Walt end up together, which only makes sense to see the same plot in the series.

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