Barista From Starbucks Learns Sign Language To Communicate With Deaf Customer

By Patricia Tan, Parent Herald February 26, 11:56 am

A kind barista from Starbucks in Leesburg, Virginia asked for a customer's order through sign language. The customer's name is Ibby Piracha and he was amazed on Friday morning last week.

Usually, Mr. Piracha types his order in a text message to staff. Amazingly, during the barista's spare time, she had chosen to learn the skill to make him feel more welcome and comfortable.

She also handed a note saying that she has been learning ASL. Just to have the same experience as every customers.

Fox reported that the 23-year-old customer shared a photo of the note on Facebook on the same day. The post went viral.

He posted that he got to love the place as the female cashier from Starbucks wrote him because she knew he was deaf. According to him, the woman from the coffee shop asked him what he wants to drink in sign language.

He even added that he is so blessed to know her. He also stated that he thinks she noticed that the deaf community is growing in Leesburg Piracha said he usually talked with staff through his mobile phone as he spoke to ABC News with an interpreter.

He said that the barista shared her experience because she had encountered a lot of customers that came in using their phones so that they can order. He even added that he was very surprised that the barista was willing to learn and it shows that she really respects the deaf community and she's an inspiration. 

The manager of the coffee shop confirmed his feedback but they cannot disclose the name of the employee. A spokeswoman from Starbucks said the company is "proud" of their staff actions. Piracha hopes this will be a good example for every staffs and this gesture(change) will lead to a better understanding of the deaf community. 

Another Starbucks barista in Florida last year also used sign language as per Huffington Post. She was taking a deaf woman's order over a video monitor.

Culver's, the fast food chain made headlines in 2010 when it reportedly became the first fast food company to install Order Assist, ABC local reports. It is a system for the deaf people to assist them easily at some of its drive-thrus.

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