Parents Could Be Held Liable for Leaving Loaded Gun With Young Kids

An impending bill in Tennessee could make parents liable for leaving loaded guns in areas where their children have access. The new legislation is aimed at stopping cases of accidental firing of young individuals.

According to WMC Action News 5, parents in the said state will be more responsible in handling and storing their guns once the bill is passed. It noted that moms and dads could face criminal charges if they violate the said law.

To date, there are reportedly 27 states which have the same law and Tennessee is expected to send this bill to the Senate this coming month. "If you're going to have a gun, you should be held accountable for what's done with the gun," said resident Talisha Ingram in the WMC Action News 5 report.

It was also noted that Memphis Senator Sara Kyle and Nashville Rep. Sherry Jones are the two persons behind the passing of the bill. They are bent on punishing parents and guardians who leave their loaded guns accessible to youngsters 13 years old and below.

For District Attorney Amy Weirich, this bill will really help prevent accidental gun firing among minors who got curious of their parents' firearms. "In an ideal situation, it wouldn't take legislation to stress the importance of being a responsible gun owner and doing all that a parent can do to keep their children safe," Weirich told

She, however, claimed that this is not attained in their state so the bill is much needed to curb the wrong behavior of parents. She claimed that last summer, a four-year-old kid killed himself after he accidentally pulled the trigger of a loaded gun.

"As you know, we've had many cases within this office, within Shelby County," the district attorney added. She claimed that 24 similar cases were recorded last year with 10 children dead. Weirich said most of these were preventable if parents were responsible enough in storing their guns.

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