Smart Ways To Play Games With Your Baby

Babies start to develop their brain even in prenatal stage and this speeds up once they are born. When they start to use their senses, learning becomes faster.

The baby's brain develops by stimulation. By the time they hear, smell, taste, see and touch, their brain creates more connection between neurons. The more connections created, the smarter the child becomes according to AskDrSears.

As explained by BabyCenter, the best way to stimulate a child's brain is through playing. This is how the baby learns about his body by using the 5 senses. Here are some 5 smart ways to play with your baby who is under 1 year of age.

Sing or play songs while playing.

Try to have a background music when playing with your baby. There are a lot of studies about how music affects a child's brain development. Results have shown that children who were exposed to music at an early age perform better in math. Listening to music improves the child's mathematical skills.

Play with colorful toy blocks

Toy blocks have been around for centuries and this is considered to be the most educational toys for babies. They learn how to size up, differentiate and classify by playing toy blocks.

Talk to your baby with facial expressions

Babies learn by mimicking their parents. Talk to your baby and show them facial expressions because this will likely register in their brain and soon will follow what you've doing. You may hear your baby cooing and this is a sign of progress because they are trying to respond.

Put some dangling toys in their crib that she can reach

Your baby will likely stare at it first but she will soon discover some motor skills. Try to assist her in holding the dangling toys at first and you can expect soon that she will learn to reach it on her own. This will teach her the hand-eye coordination.

Play a gentle chase game or cuddle-fest

Your baby will reach the stage where she can crawl with knees and hands. Try an exciting chasing game because this helps your baby develop balance, social skills and improves motor skills.

Never deprive your baby from playing. Let them have fun while learning.

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