Johnson & Johnson Lawsuit: Company Admits to Cancer Causing Ingredients to Their Products

By Abbie Uychiat, Parent Herald March 03, 12:33 pm

Johnson & Johnson made the headlines as the company admitted that some of their products contain cancer causing ingredients. One of the biggest baby product providers made the headlines after facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

According to The Guardian, Johnson & Johnson was sentenced to pay $72 million in a case that linked their baby powder to ovarian cancer. A Missouri jury granted the family of a deceased woman who died from ovarian cancer caused by Johnson & Johnson's baby powder containing talcum.

Jackie Fox from Birmingham, Alabama filed a lawsuit claiming that her ovarian cancer was due to the talcum component in Johnson & Johnson's baby products. Though she died at the age of 62, her foster son, Marvin Salter took over the lawsuit as a plaintiff.

According to Salter, Jackie Fox used Johnson and Johnson brand talcum powder every day for her daily regimen, "It just became second nature, like brushing your teeth, it's a household name."

Fox's attorney stated that the verdict came after almost 5 hours of thorough deliberations. They came into conclusion after a three week trial. Fox's case against Johnson & Johnson was the first among 1,000 lawsuit filed against the company nationally to result to a monetary award.

It was also mentioned that Fox was entitled to "$10 million in actual damages and $62 million in punitive damages." Fox's attorney stated that he expects Johnson & Johnson to appeal to the verdict.

Aside from Fox's talcum lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, which is known as one of the biggest health care products producers, it was also reported that some of their products contains a cancer causing ingredient which is not safe for everyday use. According to Healthy Food House, Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo contains Formaldehyde, which is used for embalming.

The company admitted to using Formaldehyde on their shampoos and other products, but they did however cite that they're using minimal amounts. In addition to their claims that the Formaldehyde content is minimal, it was also stated that they will soon remove the chemical from their lists of ingredients for good.

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