What Your Beard Tells About You

By Mark Oliver Rondobio, Parent Herald March 07, 09:40 pm

Some men chose to grow mustache, balbo, chin curtain or just the chin-strap hair but still they all fall in the category of bearded men.

What does having a beard mean for men? They say that men with beards are guaranteed alpha-males but not all people are agreeing to this. There are men who don't and can't grow facial hair but still show dominant character.

Christopher Oldstone-Moore, a lecturer in history at Wright State University, author of the book "Of Beards and Men," said, "The idea is that that facial hair can be seen as an index to changing ideas over time of what it means to be a man." What he meant by this is that in every long period of time throughout history, men changes its view on how to look like a man.

Here are some common perceptions of bearded men vs. well-shaved men:

  • Bearded men shows dominance and aggression - Growing facial hair signify high levels of testosterone. As posted by Livestrong, there have been several studies saying that high levels of testosterone are associated with rage and aggression.
  • Bearded men shows a high social status - A man with beard are likely to command respect over other men. A further evidence of this statement was shown in a journal of Britain's Royal Pharmaceutical Society where a survey about male academics have shown that full professors are growing more beard than those lower position lecturers and researchers.
  • Well-shaved men are perceived to be more generous and happy - Beardless men are said to be more socialized and connects easily with others. A study also found that well-shaved men have higher social-skills than those with beards.
  • Well-shaved men defy aging - Shaved men look can look up to 10 years younger than their actual age according to a study. There were 300 people shown with pictures of different celebrities with and without beards. The results have proven that without beard, you can look younger.

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