Food Diet That Can Prevent Gallstone Formation

Gallbladder stones or commonly known as gallstones is a crystallized mass formed in our gallbladder and this is common to overweight people who have high body cholesterol and calcium salts.

As posted by MedicineNet, this can cause severe back pain and upper abdominal pain when the gallstones start to block the bile ducts of our gallbladder. Almost all people can develop gallstones but usually these are small enough to pass through the bile ducts.

There are also cases that gallstones form faster and stays in the gallbladder becoming bigger over time and this is where the gallbladder problem starts. As the famous notion says, "prevention is always better than cure," gallstones problem is best prevented.

Treatment of gallbladder can range from oral medication to surgery. Some people are lucky enough to have their gallstones dissolved with oral medication but when gallstones become very large and get stuck in the bile ducts, surgery is needed.

Here are some good gallbladder diets that you can follow to prevent the formation of gallstones:

1.      Try to avoid fried foods if possible. Fried foods like meat, sausages, salamis and hams usually contain high saturated fats. Eating too much fatty foods can lead to Cholecystitis -one of the gallbladder problems that causes gallbladder inflammation.

2.      Lessen your carbohydrates and sugar intake. Eating carbohydrates can increase your risk in getting gallstones according to a study posted in an online journal called Gut. Reducing your sugar intake can help ease gallstones symptoms.

3.      Eat red yeast rice. Red yeast rice lowers down your body cholesterol. According to Mayo Clinic, the red yeast rice contains an active compound called monacolins that many pharmaceuticals use to make drugs for cholesterol.

4.      Drink apple juice and lemonade. Apple juice is known to soften gallstones. This allows your gallbladder to flush them out easily in the bile ducts.

5.      Take vitamin C. Vitamin C has the property to make fats more soluble in water. This is one way to eliminate excess cholesterol in the body that causes gallstones formation.

There is no need for you to suffer those painful treatments and oral medication that has several side effects because you can prevent gallstones with just a change of diet.

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