Jason Bateman Talks About 'Horrible Bosses 2' & 'Zootopia 2'

As "Zootopia" hits record-breaking sales on its opening day, Jason Bateman shares his thoughts about the movie and its possible sequel. More so, the actor talked about the making of "Horrible Bosses 2."

Rob Keyes of Screen Rant recently interviewed "Zootopia" star Jason Bateman at a fitting location at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The success of "Zootopia" was attributed mainly to the two main characters of the story, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her partner Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). Comic Book reports that the movie earned a whopping $70 million during its opening weekend.

During the interview, Keyes noted how "Zootopia" earned its success. First, the movie tackled important themes, and second, most characters are relatable. With that, Keyes asked Bateman how he was able to take the role. Bateman answered that he couldn't remember how the character was presented to him. All he remembered was that Nick was described as common, sly and a little sarcastic, which are characteristics he portrayed a lot of times in the past.

He also expressed that he always wanted to voice a character in an animated film. Interestingly, Bate's wife is a voice actor as revealed in an interview conducted by Comic Book. Taking on the job for the first time, he described it as very interesting and educational. He also noted that the directors were really helpful.

Bates further narrates that "Zootopia" was originally told from the perspective of Nick. However, creators realized that it would have been a depressing view and so, decided to go with Judy's perspective instead. Bateman said it was just common sense to make the switch to give the story a "winning journey."

Bateman said that he'd like the lead characters to tackle bigger cases and big shot criminals if "Zootopia 2" happens. Keyes asked Bates if he has any plans on directing animation films. He admitted that he need more experience before trying on directing an animation like "Zootopia." He said that he'd love an opportunity to learn the whole process.

Off the topic, Keyes asked Bateman his take on "Horrible Bosses 2." He believes that the second instalment is better than the first one despite mix reviews. He loved playing his character in the movie.

Check the full interview of Keyes with Bateman in the video below:

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