Is Eating Hot Dog Daily OK?

Hot dogs have always been an all-time favorite. From kids to adults, one has his own story to tell about this irresistible food accompanying meals.

Toddler years are the point when a child begins to be specific of the type of food she wants to eat. And once she finds that one, mom will have to include this favorite food not just everyday but every meal time. Hot dog often becomes their first choice.

Most parents easily give in to the habit of food jag, wherein they compromise on the child's repetitive choice of food. The main reason is that this is the only way to get the child to eat as this is the stage when picky eating manifests. However, it is not just about the frequency and the quantity but the quality that matters, according to Bundoo.

A study conducted in 1980 to 1987 on children from birth to 10 years of age showed that there is a nine times higher risk of leukemia on children eating 12 hot dogs a month than those who did not. The study also proved that children eating hot dogs are more susceptible to developing brain cancer.

Pregnant women should also take caution in too much hot dog intake. According to researchers Savitz and Sarusua who studied childhood cancer in Denver, mothers who consumed hot dogs once a week during pregnancy have twice the risk of having children with brain tumors.

This is mainly because of the presence of nitrates in hot dogs which mix with a meat content called amines. This results in the formation of N-nitroso compound, a known carcinogen responsible for brain, stomach, esophagus and oral cavity cancer, according to Global Healing Center.

But not all kinds of hot dogs are harmful to your child's health. You may choose nitrate-free hot dogs; the ones often brownish in color. Reading the labels and not relying on the brand's popularity will help a lot in protecting your children from these unseen dangers.

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