'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date & News Update: Sephiroth To Return in 'KH3'

Many "Kingdom Hearts" fans want to get their hands on "Kingdom Hearts 3" but at the time, the title's release date remains a secret. Despite Square Enix's decision to keep things under wraps, the game continues to make headlines.

Parent Herald previously reported that "Kingdom Hearts 3" would include several playable characters. These characters may include Cloud Strife.

The reports about Strife's return started from Steve Burton's post where he hinted that he is doing something in a few weeks' time after a fan asked him if he would work for "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Although it's possible that he is working on some other projects, it's also possible that the answer is for "Kingdom Hearts 3," since the question was about this game anyway.

Burton is the voice behind Strife. Thus, many assume that if he is involved in "Kingdom Hearts 3" then Strife will return to the series. Per Yibada, the "Final Fantasy VII" protagonist is already part of the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise along with Aerith Gainsborough, Yuffie Kisaragi, Tifa Lockheart, Cid and Sephiroth.

If Burton is involved in "Kingdom Hearts 3", there are high chances that Sephiroth will also return to the franchise because according to Gameranx, the voice actor is also the voice behind Sephiroth. Yes, Burton voiced the two characters Strife and Sephiroth.

There is no confirmation from Square Enix about these reports yet, but Sephiroth and Strife's return in "Kingdom Hearts 3" do make sense. Per MNR Daily, there is unresolved conflict in "Kingdom Hearts 1" and "Kingdom Hearts 2" where both characters appeared.

Their conflicts in the "Kingdom Hearts" universe are just similar to their encounters in their original world. For this reason, many are hoping that both will appear in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Do you believe that Burton's post was for "Kingdom Hearts 3?" If Burton is indeed involved in "KH3" does it guarantee Strife and Sephiroth's return? What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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