5 Reminders For Traveling With Pets; No. 5 Is A Must For Airport Security

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 14, 05:30 am

For pet owners who want to take their pets to travel, there are some rules and requirements that you must know, especially if your travel involves a plane ride. In order to experience a smooth flight with your lovely furry companion, here are some helpful reminders that you should check out before you take off with your pet and enjoy a nice vacation abroad or anywhere that would require you to go through airport security.

1. Vaccines and Rabies Shots: It is always safe to have your pets have their rabies shots because it is also for your safety that it doesn't infect you if ever they have it. Aside from that, airlines and the country where you are traveling to would ask for certificate pertaining to the completion of rabies vaccination given to your pet. You can ask that from your vet.

2. Notify The Airline In Advance: In an article published by PetTravel, it is your responsibility to notify the airline ahead of time that you are traveling with your pet. This will make them secure a space for your pet in the cabin.

3. Prepare Their Crate: The requirements on the size and weight of your pet's cage would depend per airline. Once again, check with your flight first about these things, but in general, you must have a crate that would allow them to stand, move around and would help them breathe.

4.   Remove Their Collars: While going through airport security, it is a must that you remove their collar. According to NBC12, your pet would have to go through a metal detector as well, so it's best to take it off early on.

5.   Your Pet's Health: Just make sure that your pet is healthy and that you have papers to prove it from your vet for safety. Because immigrations won't allow your pet to go through if they see it sick and unhealthy.

These five reminders would help you be at ease when you travel with your pets. Don't forget to share it with your friends as well.

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