'Captain America: Civil War' News: More Action in New Trailer

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald March 14, 07:37 am

A new Kids Choice trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” shows more scenes that would excite many, and a possible spoiler that others might not want to see just yet.

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains possible spoilers for the upcoming superhero smash fest. If you want to avoid spoilers, check out other articles in our cool website.

While the second trailer for “Civil War” has debuted only a few days ago, a new trailer was shown during Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, reports MovieWeb. And although a lot of the footage included in it was already released in the earlier trailer, three new scenes were included to fans' delight.

First off, Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) is featured to have amazing strength, able to hold a helicopter in one hand and a building ledge in the other. Probably he was trying to prevent the helicopter from a crash.

Second, there's a scene where T'Challa/Black Panther fights against Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Finally, the third shows villain Crossbones suiting up, and alongside him is actor Damion Poitier.

Those who saw the trailer are probably more hyped right now as other characters in the film, such as Agent 13/Sharon Carter, Sam Wilson/Falcon and the much-awaited friendly neighborhood Spiderman also have screen time, notes Cinema Blend.

One big spoiler that an Imgur user noted in the trailer, though, is seen during the 2:40 mark, where Cap and Tony Stark/Iron Man are slugging it out. The Imgur user noticed that behind Cap in the background is what appears to be the Winter Soldier lying down on his back, with his metal arm cut off.

CB speculates that it is likely that Iron Man is the one who takes Bucky's arm off of him, presumably because in the recent trailer, James Rhodes/War Machine appears to have been shot down from the sky by Bucky's gun. After that, Iron Man has been shown to be beside his injured buddy. Since Rhodes is Stark's best bud, CB speculates that he probably wanted to return the favor and let Rogers feel the same pain.

Excited for what's going to happen in the movie? Just wait until “Captain America: Civil War” releases on May 6.

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