Five Worst Hazards When Going on a Vacation

By Nens Bolilan, Parent Herald March 15, 04:30 am

Going on a vacation is something many families look forward to since they want to relax and unwind with their loved ones. However, vacations can turn into nightmares because of numerous health hazards which pose risks to travellers.

According to Fox News, it is important to research on the weather and health risks in the country you are visiting to avoid contacting dreaded illnesses like Dengue fever or malaria. Preparation goes a long way, especially when travelling with kids. Below are some health hazards during vacation trips.

1. Spider and snake bites

Fox News mentioned that the venom of spiders and snakes is very dangerous and can even cause permanent damage to a person's health. It noted that some of the common reactions to these bites include allergies and skin lesions.

It can also cause a death of an individual so travellers always need to take precautions when traveling in forests, swamps and bodies of water. These are the common breeding areas of spiders and snakes.

2. Dengue fever

It was noted by The Active Times that dengue is one of the illnesses that can ruin your entire vacation. Though not deadly, dengue usually causes very high fever and body pain which can last for days.

The World Health Organization claimed that there are around 50 million dengue virus infection and an estimated 22,000 deaths especially among children. The countries which have high cases of dengue are those in Southeast Asia, Pacific islands, the Caribbean and Latin America.

3. Drowning

Beach vacations during summer are common but travellers should also be aware of the dangers in the water especially drowning. Fox News said people should always be on the watch for rip currents which can swallow people into the deep portion of the ocean.

4. Injuries in extreme sports

People who love extreme adventures are aware of the dangers these can cause them. Death or serious physical injuries are some of the worst things that can happen to a traveller trying out extreme sports.

5. Lyme disease

Lyme disease, as per Fox News, is transmitted through deer ticks. The illness is usually common during spring, summer until fall.

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