'X-Men: Apocalypse' Updates: Alexandra Shipp on Storm; Theory on Who's Going to Win the Battle

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald March 15, 06:14 am

Superhero clash movies are in this year, and for sure fans are raving for “X-Men: Apocalypse” when it hits theaters this May. Fans, however, have some speculations about the movie.

For instance Storm, who in the earlier “X-Men” movies was played by Halle Berry, is not with the X-Men in this movie. She is known by many to be a key part of the X-Men alongside Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine and many others.

Actress Alexandra Shipp, who will portray a younger Storm in “X-Men:Apocalypse,” explains why:

"She doesn’t know anything about the X-Men. The only thing she knows is about Mystique when she saved the president, but that’s basically it,” Shipp told Collider in an interview.

According to her, Storm is unlike other kids who came from families, as she lost them when she was about 5. She's basically in “survival mode” so having Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) approach her like a father figure is something that's a big deal for her.

Regarding Storm's relationship with the younger mutants in the movie, here's what Shipp had to say:

“She’s had to survive, she’s a bit street smart so I feel like if and when she makes it to [Charles Xavier's mansion], it’s going to take a little time for her to warm up to these normal white people,” Shipp explained. “You know what I mean. She’s been in Cairo, she’s been fighting, and her life is just so much different.”

Meanwhile, some might have thoughts on who's going to win the battle between Team Xavier and Team Apocalypse. Therman Gross from Movie Pilot gives his theory.

SPOILER ALERT! What follows could be possible spoilers.

Gross noted that during “Days of Future Past,” Logan went back in time to stop Mystique/Raven, and ended up drowning in a lake. When he wakes up near the end, he meets a version of Charles, Jean and Scott older than their “Apocalypse” counterparts. Storm is also in the mansion at the time.

This implies that the X-Men have won the war against Apocalypse, Gross notes.

Want to see what happens to Storm and the X-Men? Watch out for “X-Men: Apocalypse” when it releases May 27.

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