Taco Bell To Introduce A Breafast Deal For Only $1!

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 15, 07:02 am

Taco lovers could now start leaping for joy, as Taco Bell launched a breakfast meal that will only cost them a dollar. Customers have a variety of options to choose from its breakfast deal because this involves ten of their most loved products. The company is expecting to boost up their sales with this offer and it is looking like them coming out with this idea is just about to succeed.

According to Taco Bell's website, the company made a study first before they finally made a decision to make the breakfast meal for just $1 available to the public. They found out that 84% of the general population is more likely to shell out $1 for a meal than any those that cost more than a dollar. Meanwhile, 80% of Americans want to have a breakfast meal that involves bacon.

After finding out these statistics, Taco Bell then released their most affordable breakfast meal yet. Those who love bacon can expect that their breakfast meals have a lot of that meat!

In an article published by The Inquisitr, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Marisa Thalberg, said that they believe so much in the difference of creating a research first before making some moves in the business. It has helped them understand what their customers want and need.

"Our survey results were completely expected," Thalberg continued. "Americans would rather pay less and have more choice. And of course, they love bacon for breakfast."

This new meal that the famous fast food chain released is quite revolutionary and brave since dollar meals in the America are not easily found. There are some that are available, but they are rare and it is never usually expected from a huge fast food company.

This is something that sets apart Taco Bell from the others, as they could even help those who are in need of a meal to get by. It is so affordable that people could start sharing their food with others who need it.

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