Weight Loss Tips: Studies Reveal That Drinking 2 Glasses Of Wine Before Sleep Aids In Weigh Loss

By Abbie Uychiat, Parent Herald March 15, 11:06 pm

Recent studies reveal that drinking two glasses of red wine before going to sleep aids in weight loss. The study cited that a substance known as resveratrol is the one responsible for the weight loss.

A study conducted by the researchers from the Washington State University last July 2015 revealed that drinking red wine before going to bed helps the individual shed a few pounds, Pure Wow reported. It was discovered that the substance called resveratrol, which is a compound found in red wine, helps dissolves white fat (a body fat that is hard to burn off) making it easier to burn.

Another study was made by the students from Harvard that involved 20,000 women in a span of 13 years. The students were able to come into conclusion that 70 percent of women who consume 2 glasses of red wine daily were less likely to become obese by 70 percent.

'When alcohol is substituted for carbohydrates, calorie for calorie, subjects tend to lose weight, indicating that they derive less energy from alcohol than from food'. As per the National Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism statement which was reported on Daily Mail.

During the European Conference on Obesity on May 2015, it was mentioned the levels of good cholesterol known as HLD increases once a glass of wine is consumed at night. It does not only aid in weight loss, but it also has numerous health benefits.

Daily Mail also mentioned that consuming red wine aids in reducing diabetes and increases an individual's sex drive. Vine also cited that it prevents an individual to crave for midnight snacks. Linda Monk, stated that she lost a total of 6 pounds in a span of 3 weeks just be consuming a glass of red wine before bed. Her story can be found on the Daily Mail website.

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