Does Travelling Really Men A Broken Heart

By Mark Oliver Rondobio, Parent Herald March 16, 04:00 am

There are lot of people who travel because they want to forget some old memories and distract themselves. Travelling is the best thing a person can do to mend a broken heart according to experts.

As posted by The New Daily, a hypnotherapist from Sydney, Julie Rice, said that "a break-up is a time to explore new opportunities - like hobbies or travel." But this doesn't mean you have to leave everything behind and escape from it.

Before you can wander and explore new places, you have to know and understand what caused the greatest pain. Once you can pinpoint it, you can start the process of letting go by travelling.

Travelling solo is the best opportunity to be yourself and to focus on yourself. You can do whatever you want and go wherever you want but of course, you must learn how to control yourself. Before you can start loving other people, you must love yourself first.

Some say travelling is just another way to forget your old memories in the past. The truth is, those memories you cherish can never be forgotten but by travelling, you meet new people and see new places which create new happy memories that will help you get distracted.

If you plan to travel after a break-up, don't think of it as a way of escaping from the pain that it brought you. You travel because you want to accept what happened and you are ready to start something new in life. Travel like you are running towards something better and fulfilling.

Travelling with a broken heart is not just about going to new different places and seeing new people. According to a Rappler post, one of the best travelling ideas is to go back to your roots.

Going back to the place where you grew up and spent your childhood whether a province or a town is the best place you can go. You can meet your other extended family members that you haven't visited for a long while. In this way, you can see a bigger context of your life than just thinking about your life contained in that broken relationship.

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