Mother and Three Children Suffer from Werewolf Syndrome

A mother, along with her three children have been diagnosed with a rare condition called Werewolf Syndrome, according to theDaily Mail.

The family, who is from Nepal, are all suffering from Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa which is characterized by excessive hair growth. Devi, 38 and children Manjura, 14, Niraj, 12, and Mandira, 7, all traveled to the capital of Katmandu to receive treatment on their faces. Devi and her two older children underwent a non-invasive procedure in an attempt to lessen the symptoms of their condition. The mother expressed that their decision to get treatment was born out of their desire to live a normal and sociable life.

Prior to treatment, Devi said, "More than myself, I'm worried about my children. They are mocked by their classmates. My children have talked about the new life ever since we received the word that the hospital is going to treat us. My son has told his friends that he will be back with a new face and they can no longer tease him."

Hypertrichosis is a condition wherein an abnormal amount of hair grows in the body. Some people suffering from it have generalized symptom which means hair grows in all parts of the body while some people have it only in restricted areas. Some people may also acquire it from birth while others, like the Budhathoki family acquired it later on in life.

The Budhathoki family received their free treatment recently and although there is no absolute cure for their condition, their abnormal hair growth on the face has been greatly reduced, according to Metro. A photographer from Reuters, Navesh Chitrakar documented the entire family's transformation through photographs. >"Spending time with her, I saw a mother who is fighting against all odds just to get a better future for her children", said Chitrakar of Devi.

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