'Zootopia' Increases Fox Sales in China, Reports Reveal

The film "Zootopia" has reportedly increased the illegal sale of foxes in China. The said animals are said to be sold online as the movie has become a popular film in the country since it was released last March 4.

Online sellers have been offering Fennec foxes for a price of US$15,340, as per the Beijing Post. However, it was noted that the sale of this endangered species is prohibited in the country.

It was explained in the same report that an online seller that goes by the name "Crazy Animal City" posts ads selling Fennec Foxes to customers who would deposit an initial payment to reserve the fox then pay the entire amount when the animal is claimed. Beijing Post said the sellers claim that their prices for the foxes are "reasonable."

GB Times added that there are also traders in the Beijing bird and flower markets who privately sells these foxes as the demand continue to rise because of the movie. In line with this, the Wildlife Conservation Society in Beijing reminded residents about the legal implications of the sale of these foxes.

Wildlife Conservation Society's Tianzhu Ren said in the Beijing Post report that keeping foxes as pets at home is not a good idea. "Foxes are small and cute but their animal personality makes it not suitable to be kept at home. Furthermore, without immunity, their bodies will certainly not be protected from bacteria," he added. Aside from these dangers, specialists claim that these foxes can also put the health of humans at risk because of the possible diseases they carry.

"Zootopia" continues to be a global phenomenon with the movie earning $430 million all over the world because it is a film for the entire family, as per Fox News. "With the marketplace loaded with R-rated fare, if you're a family with kids, the only game in town right now is 'Zootopia,'" said senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.

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