Hacker Anonymous Leaks Donald Trump's 'Private Data', Compares Republican Frontrunner To Hitler

By Z.M., Parent Herald March 19, 05:35 am

Hacker group Anonymous is making the path to the presidential seat bumpy for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Likening Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, the hacker group Anonymous is putting together a modern Operation White Rose to deter the Republican candidate.

TIME reports that the hacker group Anonymous is convinced that Donald Trump will promote the same ideals espoused by Adolf Hitler. Anonymous believes that, like Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump will take measures that support facism and xenophobia should he become the next US president.

The US Secret Service has gotten involved with investigations of the hacker group Anonymous over activities against Donald Trump. Among the violations that Anonymous would have to be charged if proven guilty is the leak through internet postings of confidential personal data on Donald Trump.

According to DNA, the hacker group Anonymous took to social media to announce the public availability of classified details on Donald Trump. Included in the leak on Donald Trump by Anonymous are his phone number, social security number, the names of his children. The hacker group Anonymous also leaked the birth date along with business and legal details of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been making waves in the political and international arena, by his public denouncements and stances against specific sectors of the American society. As reported in separate articles by Parent Herald, the prospect of having Donald Trump become the next president has produced strong reactions from US citizens, including Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen. While many still prefer to see Donald Trump as a candidate that cannot be taken seriously there are those, including the hacker group Anonymous, who feel that the Republican candidate has a good shot at the seat.

The hacker group Anonymous has been propagating their activities through YouTube. Operation White Rose comes under the attempt by Anonymous to emulate the anti-Nazi organization White Rose Society, which worked against Adolf Hitler. Prior to their campaign against Donald Trump, the hacker group Anonymous first became public in 2011 with the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

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