E-Cigarettes Dangers: E-Cigarettes Allegedly Poisonous For Pets

By Maricar, Parent Herald March 20, 06:00 pm

E-cigarette users should be careful in using their vaporizers when there are pets around. Experts claim that the smoke emitted from these e-cigarettes are very poisonous for cats and dogs.

Wink News reported that the Pet Poison Helpline in Naples, Florida has noted a 400 percent increase in pet poisonings linked to e-cigarettes. "It's a very real potential danger to your pets," said Animal Life Veterinary Center's Dr. Randy Eisel.

He claimed that the refills for these vaporizers contain nicotine, which is lethal for your furry friends. "Nicotine is very toxic to dogs and cats and children and humans. If you drink that much of that, you could have a serious problem," he added.

Eisel also explained that the flavors of e-cigarette refills are attractive to the senses of pets. "They're flavored like things that dogs would love: vanilla, chocolate, you name it," the doctor noted.

Pet Poison Helpline veterinarian Ahna Brutlag said in a DogTime report that the nicotine in one cartridge of an e-cigarette is twice the amount found in a traditional one. "Many people don't stop at two, so nicotine poisoning in pets has a rapid onset of symptoms - generally within fifteen to sixty minutes following ingestion," Brutlag added.

Some of the symptoms of nicotine poisoning among animals are diarrhea, vomiting, agitation, increased heart rate, depression, weakness, coma, tremors and cardiac arrest.

Brutlag also noted that cats are more exposed to the dangers of food poisoning because they can easily ingest the vapor of an e-cigarette through licking and chewing. The Pet Poison Helpline website said immediate veterinary care should be sought when a pet ingests the substance from the vapor of an e-cigarette. It noted that home care is not recommended since exposure to nicotine can greatly harm pets.

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