Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats: 8 Breeds That Are Friendly And Gentle To Felines

Many people have long believed that cats and dogs don't really get along. However, loving an enemy is not that difficult for some dog breeds. This is because some dog breeds get along with cats even though they are deemed as arch-enemies. Most of these dog breeds are friendly and affectionate in nature.

She Knows and I Heart Dogs share the following dog breeds that like kitties. Get a glimpse of these dogs that are friendly and can be a great companion of felines.

1.  Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are excellent as a family dogs. They are not only close to humans but also animals, especially with cats. They are fun-loving dog breeds.

2.   Pug

Pug is a dog breed that is suitable for children. It is small in size. It also enjoys being with cats.

3.  Shetland Sheepdog

This is a herding dog that is one of the highly intelligent dog breeds. It is not only friendly with sheep but also to cats. It can play with cats often times.

4.  Basset Hound

Basset Hound is a short-legged dog breed. It is playful, outgoing and friendly toward children and other pets such as cats.

5.  Newfoundland

This bear-look-alike dog breed is known as the working dog and highly loyal. It enjoys being with children. It is also gentle with cats.

6.   Havanese

Havanese is a smart dog breed. It is affectionate and loves to play with people and other animals such as cats.

7.  Papillon

This type of spaniel dog is an adventurous, happy and friendly dog breed. It is also an excellent family dog that is great with children and cats.

8.  Boxer

Boxer is spirited in children. It is also protective and playful. If your cat does not mind a canine that is playful, both of them can be best buddies.

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