3 Things Your Nails Could Tell You About Your Health Condition

There are parts of the human body that could detect your health condition and one of them are your fingernails. They have the ability to give you signs pertaining to some issues regarding your health, which could help you be aware of your body's status and if you need to visit the doctor immediately.

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We have here some of the signs that you would notice on your fingernails and what do they mean. This would be handy in case you are worried about your health and it would also keep you in check on what it is that you need to change in your lifestyle to keep your body on point.

1. Brittle Nails and Anemia: In an article published by Shape.com, if you see your nails looking unusually white and brittle, it means that you are low on your red blood cells. You will need iron to fix that.

This is a bit alarming because anemia has the tendency to make your blood lose oxygen should your red blood cells continue to decline. It is a must that you charge your body up with iron from red meat or you could also buy those over-the-counter iron vitamins.

2. Nails Turning Yellow, Brown or White is Linked To Fungal Infection: According to Hello Giggles, when your fingernails experienced a sudden change in color and they are becoming thick and a little soft, this could indicate that you are having some fungal infection right inside the nail bed. Your immune system is usually the one in trouble here, so it is best to pound in a lot of vitamins and minerals and make sure that you are always eating healthy.

3. Extremely Pale Fingernails and Diabetes: Go to the doctor immediately the minute you notice that your nails look paler than it used to be. This means that your blood sugar is affected or it could mean that you are experiencing some liver disease.

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