Apple MacBook Pro 2016, MacBook Air 2016 Release Date, News & Update: Thinner 13-inch & 15-inch Laptops On The Way By The End of Second Quarter Of 2016

Among the anticipated revelation in the recently concluded Apple Spring event is the introduction of the new MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016. Unfortunately, to the dismay of many, the two powerful laptops are missing. So when will Apple unveil MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016?

There are rumors that the new line of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air might see the light of day in the upcoming WWDC in June. Parent Herald previously reported that there are also high chances that the new MacBook laptops will be out before the said event.

In the past months, Apple gave huge discounts for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which suggests that the company is gearing up for their new MacBook models. New reports suggest that Apple will be presenting a new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook this year.

DigiTimes reported that Apple's new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook are thinner than the MacBook Air. On a separate note, it shares the same design with the existing 12-inch MacBook. Per the report, the new MacBooks will be launched at the end of the second quarter of the year.

It seems that Apple will be giving a good competition when it comes to thinner laptops because as the report notes, its competitors, including Asustek Computer, Dell and Lenovo are also preparing for new ultra-thin notebooks. In fact, Lenovo just launched a 14-inch enterprise ThinkPad X1 Carbon that is only 1.65cm thin and 1.18kg lightweight.

Per Apple Insider, this report coincides with the other reports citing that Apple is planning to revamp their MacBook Air lineup. MacBook Air is behind in terms of development and progress. In fact, it's the only MacBook without a Retina display.

There are rumors that Apple will be scrapping the 11-inch MacBook Air in favor of the 15-inch model. The new reports about a thinner MacBook Pro and MacBook Air also support the never ending speculations that MacBook Pro will be thinner, lighter and more portable.

Are you excited for the new redesigned MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which will be available in the second quarter of the year? Share your thoughts below.

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